Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sex Trade, Abortions...What a Week

Much has happened this week that has been blog-worthy.  In Saskatoon, the Police Chief and council discussed regulating sex-trade workers.  I recommend two articles by Jordan Cooper: this blog post and this article from the Star Phoenix.  Then, Brad Trost, publicly challenged Prime Minister Stephen Harper regarding the funding of Planned Parenthood International.

Both of those are extremely interesting events and not entirely's also interesting to me that the whole issue of "right-to-life" (especially given the "Designer Babies" issue I blogged about recently), has yet to be decided upon in terms of the pre-born (is it unborn? I like pre-born...unborn reminds me of the undead and really, who wants to picture their baby as a vampire?)

But, there just isn't enough time in MY current schedule to adequately tackle either of the above topics.  Perhaps one day I will be able to break down the complex issues of childhood, poverty, prostitution, government legislation and on and on and on.  That will wait for another day.

There was something that did happen this week that, for me, overshadowed all the highlight grabbing headlines of the newspapers.  I had the chance to be a hero this week.  Long after I've forgotten about the debate regarding legislation for sex-trade workers and the designer baby dilemna, I will remember that this week, I got to cement a memory in the mind of my daughter.

It may seem like a small thing, but I don't think so.  If you read Jordan Cooper's article in the Star Phoenix about parents who knowingly and callously prostitute their own daughters, I think that ANYTHING I can do to protect my daughter and give her pleasant, positive memories is my primary role in life.

So, what did I do that was hero-like?  My 4 1/2 year old daughter and I went for a drive on a beautiful autumn evening in a brand-new 2011 Mustang GT/CS (the CS stands for California-style and means "convertible").  Just to watch her face as the roof of the car rose up and slid back, "I've never seen that before Daddy, I did not know it did that."  And the perma-grin on her face as we drove down Circle Drive looking up at the night sky viewing the stars.

We have the unveiling of the convertible on video-tape.  I won't forget it.  Nor will my daughter.  Heck, if she does, I'll bring out the video-tape! 

Please take care of each other.  Do something today to love another human being.  Make a memory. We may not have the answers to all of societies ills, but surely every small act of kindness has a ripple effect.

By the way, my Mustang GT test drive was AWESOME!  :-)


  1. "And every year the leaves turn, and are filled with vibrant colour, reminding us to hold every moment dear, and to cherish everything that we are given."