Thursday, October 6, 2011

The NHL and the Centre of the Universe

Very interesting news yesterday about the impact hits to the head have on the brains of hockey players.  And, all I have to say to everyone who commented on my last blog post that there was no correlation between fighting and depression is, "are you so sure now?"

But let's leave that aside for now.  The season starts today and so every fan is just waiting to see how their team will do.  And, that's what's got me pondering: are Toronto Maple Leaf fans the most deluded fans of all time?  Every year, every post regarding hockey will bring out the Leaf fans rabidly defending the fact that this year is the Leafs year.

Now, I have to out myself as a Sabres fan at this moment, because historically we've not yet won a Cup.  Yes, we should have had Brett Hull been playing by the rules.  And, oh my have we had some exciting teams.  But, just like the Oilers in recent years, we've been a team with a very small payroll and just when players are hitting their stride we lose them because teams like the Rangers and the Flyers offer them more money than what our ownership would.

All that changed this season.  The Sabres new owner opened the vault and so there is a real sense of optimism surrounding the team.  But, what of the Leafs?  Because our Canadian National media thinks Toronto is the centre of the universe, we are subjected to the rantings of delusional Leaf fans who again think "this is the year."  Why?  Does living in Toronto lower your IQ?  Is the water bad?  Have the radio waves somehow been brainwashing daily commuters during the 3 hour trek to and from work?

It is the duty of this blog to discuss those things that don't have a rational voice elsewhere.  Toronto Maple Leaf fans...YOUR TEAM SUCKS.  Respectfully submitted.

Enjoy the season everyone.  I will.

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