Monday, December 5, 2011

To Tip or Not To Tip

It's probably appropriate that the discussion on John Gormley Live today was on tipping as we are now entering the Christmas Season. Folks, remember Ebenezer Scrooge this season.

But, maybe I have it all wrong.  Who should get tipped? You tell me.

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  1. Someone pointed out I'd forgotten Pizza Delivery Guy, so I've corrected that on the survey...that was a pretty common one that I missed.

  2. I don't mind tipping for good service, what I do mind is when a server EXPECTS a tip regardless of the service they provide. If your server barely gets the job done then they should not expect a tip.

  3. mdchris, I agree completely. If my service sucks, I generally leave a token amount less than 10%.

  4. Servers in restaurants make minimum wage. That's their hourly rate; there are no raises, no holiday pay, no bonuses, no sick days. And in some provinces, like Ontario, where I am currently employed, servers have a separate minimum wage. So, my hourly wage is about $1.50 less than what other jobs legally have to pay their employees.
    Another aspect of serving that SO many guests/customers do not realize is that a server HAS to 'tip out'. At my current restaurant, I HAVE to 'tip out' 4% of all my sales. This money comes from my pocket (or from my tips). It is possible for me to literally lose money from giving service to people.
    And finally, most restaurants only start your shift when your first table gets sat, but, as a server, you are expected to be at work early to get yourself ready and set up the restaurant. But, this time (which is about 30min a day) servers do not get paid for.
    All this to say, please, do not dine out if you are not willing to take care of your server. If you see tipping as a 'bonus' please, do us, the servers that work our asses off to bring you extra sauce or a refill of your soft drink, a favour, and stay inside your home. Please.