Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saskatoon Municipal Election 2012

Chances are good that, if you've landed here, you googled "Brandon Snowsell" perhaps looking for my website which is located here.  Or perhaps I left a door knocker on your door and you are doing your due diligence and researching your civic candidate.  I applaud you!

I've always had an interest in politics and I started this blog to stimulate debate.  Lately, I find that there is no political party that completely speaks to the things I value.  As such, my thoughts have rarely been championed by anyone.  Additionally, often times, ideas are put forth not to discuss, but it seems that politicians are only interested in their well-being, or the success of their party.  I personally believe that politicians are to seek the best for the people they represent and sometimes that means building consensus and not ramming programs down our throats.

The issues I speak to in this blog are typically not civic in nature, but rather federal.  However, I firmly believe if we seek to speak to one another and have an open, honest discussion and not seek to "win" then perhaps we ourselves become enriched.

That being said, I do believe our current city council is making some reckless decisions and more thought needs to be put into what are our priorities?  For more of my background click here and for more of what I want our city to look like click here.  If you would like to speak with me about my views, I can be reached via Facebook, Twitter or email--details here.

Hope to see you on the campaign trail!


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