Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Introspective Retrospective

I'm not a music guru like some. I can't name you the title, artist, year or studio. But certain music just moves me. My musical tastes have changed over the years. I don't listen to music on the radio too much anymore, but there are times that music "gets" me. 

Tonight was one of those nights. It started with my daughter dancing, but somehow U2 made it onto my wife's iPod and "It's a Beautiful Day" was playing.

Within seconds, I'm tearing up. It reminds me of simpler times. But it reminds me that TODAY is a beautiful day. I have two beautiful children. I have a beautiful wife (inside and out). I think somehow this song connects with  me on a spiritual level too. In spite of all I have done in my life, my God loves me. He deals with me in grace...but, "With or Without You" is now playing and I am again transported back in time...

...what music inhabits that place for you?

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