Thursday, January 19, 2012

Saskatoon Soccer Sensational Story

-40 weather didn't stop 15 of FC Alliance's finest from coming out to do battle with perennial challengers Galacticos.  Galacticos were sporting their yellow home jersey's rather than their preferred black this night.  The jersey advantage played huge dividends for FC Alliance early on.

With Brkic, on loan from Saskatoon Celtic in the lineup for the first time, the team was upbeat coming off the heels of a victory against top-ranked Fleisch Wolfe.  Not even the news that Ostapovitch would have to miss another game could dull the spirits as Fuller donned the keeper jersey.

The first half, like the entire game, was an evenly-matched battle of two similarly skilled teams.  FC Alliance opened the scoring early on with a nice bit of passing between strikers Woods and Wellman with Wellman kicking a precision shot past their keeper. 1-0 in favour of the good guys.

Towards the end of the 1st half, FC Alliance on another rush down the side, Wellman again with the ball placed a beautiful cross into the box to Mensch who demonstrated that not only are his hands valuable when he plays net, but he's got a golden head (albeit berift of hair) as he headed it passed the outstretched hands of the keeper for his 1st goal of the season and a 2-0 lead for FC Alliance heading into the break.

The 2nd half opened with a tactical change for Galacticos who pushed an extra player forward.  The change reaped immediate dividends for them as they drove down the side, passed into the middle and the open player made an easy shot into a mostly open net as Fuller had no chance.

Galacticos then proceeded to score two more unanswered goals from broken plays.  One an own goal and another, after a spectacular save by Fuller, the desperation clearance went directly to an Alliance player who shall not be named; unfortunately the ball got away from his otherwise sure feet and a Galacticos player was there, on top of the 18 yard box, and Fuller, with no time to reposition after his Spidey-like saves, had no chance to stop the drive.

3-2 Final Score.

Summary: it was an evenly played match throughout.  FC Alliance will have to find ways to continue to create chances throughout the game.  Eliminate a couple of mistakes and the score is entirely different. Kudos must go to Galacticos defense (traditionally their strong suit) for stifling the play of Woods, Harris, Wellman, Dumont and Gaddess.

Fuller is quickly becoming a fan-favourite in net and at the after-match pint session it was agreed that MoM (Man of Match) award goes to the keeper.

The best "what if moment" was Snowsell--with the ball hearing and seeing Schroeder making a run up the middle--passing the ball directly to feet and Schroeder almost being able to finish.  Old guy to Old guy D to D...what a glorious almost...

There had been discussion about the timing of FC Alliance's next game.  NOTE next game is THURSDAY, January 26 at 10:15PM. We then play again on Sunday and the following Wednesday...

Good game lads.  See you next Thursday!

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