Monday, November 14, 2011

Crunching the Numbers: Roads, Crime and Jobs

I've been intrigued by the idea of "Direct Democracy" recently. So, I decided to do my own little poll to gauge the priorities of the citizens of Saskatoon.  Below are the preliminary findings:

Of perhaps no surprise the top priorities are roads, crime and jobs/housing costs. What I do find interesting is that despite the continual talk by the city surrounding transit issues, poor bike lanes, and the need to "not become Calgary" in terms of urban sprawl, those priorities are not being adopted by the public.  Perhaps the below graph indicates why.

Over half of the respondents were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with the job their city councillor is doing.  Of interest is that the majority of the respondents that answered this way did not know who their councillor was, or what their role was. And yet over 80% of the respondants to date voted in the last election and plan to vote in the coming election.

The survey is still open and I welcome your input.


  1. lol I didnt know who my counciler was and I wrote down Greystone thinking provincial election.

  2. But you then corrected it at the end...and had you not commented, I wouldn't have known anyway...but, thanks for participating!