Friday, August 5, 2011

Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice--ever notice they don't talk much?

After I wrote my last blog/rant on legalization (actually, the larger point I was making was personal liberty/responsibility) I was pleased to have an old friend comment that it was refreshing to have a blog that encouraged debate as that sort of thing doesn't happen too often anymore--especially in our demographic.  My friend was of course kindly including me in her demographic so let's just say we're talking about 30ish-40ish.

The Pro-Life/Pro-Choice debate is so intense, it really is an addition to the list of things you just don't talk about: politics, religion and abortion.  Tell me your stand on abortion and I'll tell you your politics.  Tell me your religious views and I'll tell you your stand on abortion (or maybe not) maybe they're all wrapped up together.

However, what gets me about all hot-topic items is how quickly a "discussion" devolves into labeling.  And, this applies equally to both camps.  Didn't anyone ever tell these people that whenever you back someone into a wall, they are less and less likely to listen to your point of view--let alone consider it?  

So, if you've been reading my previous few entries, you'll see that I am big on small government; fan of personal freedom and liberty and a believer in helping those who need our help.  Based on what you know so far, where do you think I stand on the pro-life/pro-choice spectrum?  I am curious to get your input...and then  once I "reveal" my position, I would welcome a respectful discussion with folks of both sides.  All of this in the belief that it is important to learn from each other and challenge the status quo.  Thank you to my friends for encouraging the discussion.

This post is up for discussion.


  1. I think the problem often is that it's not black and white. The label pro-life implies that the opposing side is anti-life which is obviously not their stance. Further, while one might believe that life should be treasured and rejoiced, a woman should not be forced to endure 40 weeks of body changing, hormone changing and life changing alterations if the don't wish it or were forced in to the position.

    I would submit that extremism is never the ideal. In Russia, abortion is currently the most common form of birth control. In other countries, women are dying because they've submitted themselves to illegal procedures that are not regulated or safe. In a perfect world, no one suffers, persecutes or kills. Unfortunately, we don't live in that world.

    In an ideal world every pregnant woman would have chosen her condition willingly and would rejoice in the idea of bringing a new life to the world.

  2. I've got to peg you as a pro-lifer, Brandon. Although, that is from what little I know of you personally, not because of your other political beliefs.

    I agree that we often bunch groups of beliefs together and then just assume that other things are true because of the overarching label associated with them, like conservative or liberal. Although, I have a feeling (perhaps a stereotype) that this is more of an American phenomenon than a Canadian one.

    I prefer to evaluate each stance on it's own merits against my theology/world view to see if it makes sense and whether I can have internal consistency.