Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sim City: Election Time

Surprise, surprise, next year is election year so city council (my city--but it could be your city; for the purpose of this blogpost, it doesn't entirely matter) is undertaking a review of its operational expenses.  The population is growing (a good thing if your Sim Mayor) but unhappy due to high taxes and poor road conditions.  You've tried to quell the growing unrest by building a better Police Station and buying a new Art Gallery but discussions around getting the budget under control by moving to 2-week intervals for garbage collection and terminating the Christmas Lights expenditures have gone poorly.

Everything is on the table.

How do you cut out $7M from your Operating Budget so the citizenry doesn't face yet another increase in their property taxes?  For a detailed analysis go here.

After some healthy discussion, I'll give you my approach.

This post is now up for discussion.

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